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 1. If you are our customer and registered user of our web-site, you can download the necessary software here.
 2. Start the installation of the program by double-clicking on the downloaded file BUDS ALL PRODUCTS E3.8.2.1
 3. Select the installation language and click "OK"

4. Follow the instructions and click "Next >".

5. Carefully read the license agreement, then put the point in the right place and click "Next > ".

6. Type the "Name" and "Number" of the dealer and click "Next > ". If you are not a dealer, you can specify any name and number.

7. Specify your details:
         1) Username to log into the program.
         2) Your First Name (can be any).
         3) Your Last Name (can be any).

8. Specify your password to log into the program and click "Next >".

9. The installation process starts.

The next step - to install a license key.

You need the administrator privileges in order to successfully install B.U.D.S.
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