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B.U.D.S. software associated with ECM (ECU) of the vehicle through the MPI ® (Multi Protocol Interface).
Today, there are models of MPI adapters: MPI-1, MPI-2 MPI-3.
MPI-1 - is outdated adapter, able to work in three main protocols: KW2000-250k, DESS, 947-DI. Communicates with the computer via RS-232, also called a COM port. It supports almost all models 4-TEC, which support the exchange rate 250k KW2000 protocol as well as the entire line of 2-stroke technology. Due to lack of KW2000 protocol with baud rate 500k is not able to handle E-TEC technology, and some models of ATV Can Am. Since most modern laptops no longer has an RS232 serial port, must be used an USB to RS232 adapter. There are many USB-to-RS232 adapters, and each has its own driver.
MPI-1 adapter is no longer supported by software.
MPI-2, MPI-3 - a modern USB adapters, which uses the protocol CAN, supports transfer rate of 25 to 1000k. For the diagnosis of BRP vehicles used KW2000-250k and KW2000-500k. As a standalone unit, supports 4-TEC and E-TEC vehicles. With the additional device DESS Post Interface (P/n 529036019) supports the full range of vehicles BRP, including 2-stroke technology.
The latest software B.U.D.S. only works with MPI-2, MPI-3 adapters.
To use MPI-2, MPI-3 adapters with your PC/laptop, driver IXXAT must be installed.
 1. Download the IXXAT driver for MPI-2, MPI-3 adapters: vci 3.5.2 4268.
 2. Start the installation by double-clicking on the downloaded installer file.

3. After rebooting your computer, connect the MPI adapter to your PC/laptop. Follow the onscreen instructions to automatically install the driver.